fredag 22. juni 2012

Borreliasmitte gjennom sex og amming?

Ein skremmande mogeleg samanheng ein kan lese om på denne sida. Eg  viser her noko av det som skremde meg mest, nemleg at borreliassmitten kan smitte mellom mor og foster, og gjennom mor og barn ved amming.
The Lyme Bacteria, “”Borrelia Burgdorferi”, has now been found in mosquitos, biting flies, fleas, and various other vectors It can be transmitted in utero and by breast milk. So it can be impossible to know for sure who is really “safe” from this insidious and very destructive infection. There is evidence that “b. Burgdorferi” bacteria could even be transmitted, sexually. We all know that the “b. Burgdorferi” cousin, Syphilis, can be spread through sexual contact.

“Transmission of the disease has been clearly documented after bites by fleas, mites, mosquitos and ticks. There is compelling evidence that Lyme disease (LD) can be spread by sexual and congenital transfer.”

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